2 thoughts on “The Origin Comes Alive

  1. I just read your book. Why do I feel so blindsided? I can’t ever remember this happening to me when I was little. How the main subject was connected to religious terms was a highlight for me. I’ve never heard any of this in all my years. If what it is saying is true, the author has just opened up a new Pandora’s box of information.

  2. Cale, thanks for the sneak-peak of “The Origin Comes Alive.” There were surprises scattered throughout, except the book was very short maybe because it was the free version. The full version really tells all. A couple of technical explanations were confusing but overall most were simple to understand and filled with real substance that lacked in superficial nature found in most books of this kind. The note “In your dreams” was my favorite. I can see why it was put on the website in ‘Cale’s Corner’. Wow, may be the best way to describe this book! I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to read this book. Thank you Cale Rainer for finally setting the record straight and telling it the way it should have been told a long time ago!

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